Association of Slovenian Geographers is the umbrella professional institution of Slovene geographers, founded in 1922. Therefore, association is one of the oldest professional associations of the state.

The Association is executing the following tasks:
– it co-ordinates activities of regional geographic societies,
– supports professional research,
– stimulates and directs modernisation of teaching,
– prepares professional conferences, lectures and field works,
– promotes and develops international professional co-operation,
– conducts professional publishing.

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, honored the Association of Slovenia Geographers with the Order of Merit for research and educational work and contribution to Slovenian national consciousness on the occasion of the centenary of association exsistence. The award is a recognition of the scientific research and didactic work of Slovenian geographers over the last hundred years. The award ceremony took place in the presidential palace on November 9, 2022.

International ties

Slovene geography being integral part of the international activities is of the greatest significance for the researchers. It enables them not only to get acquainted with the research results abroad but to penetrate and promote Slovene geography and its essential achievements in appropriate international geographic circles. Several Slovene geographers have been active in some professional bodies as well as in working or professional groups of International Geographic Union for more than two decades. Slovene geographers and their works are well presented in international scientific and professional publications. International relations established by AGSS provide a stimulus to scientific and professional co-operation.

There were several initiatives from geographic professional circles to bring international recognition of our country soon after it proclaimed independence. Slovene notable and world renowned geographers responded to a call. In 1992, at the 27th IGU Congress in Washington, the Association of the Geographic Societies of Slovenia was accepted as fully entitled member to the International Geographical Union.